1. Green rainforest and green pastures in Southern NSW

  2. Around and about Jervis Bay

  3. A golden sunset at Greenwell Point with the local fisherman and their pelicans

  4. Yellow in Balmain

  5. A day at the Zoo

  6. Bondi to Tamara walk on a sunny Thursday afternoon with Lawrence and Lou

  7. Shells, shells, shells

  8. Visit to the MCA Sydney with Ippy - one of the most entertaining exhibitions

  9. A desert walk in the Sahara


  10. first postcrastination

    I wonder how many tumblrs and online blogs are created as result of procrastination. I know that in my case, should facebook, smh (sydney morning herald), the aww subreddit, and other such goodies fail to entertain me, I find myself scribbling in a notebook which I have dubbed just seconds earlier as my new “journal”, lamenting my inescapable tendency to procrastinate. I suppose that currently this tumblr is, in effect, a more public, electronic manifestation of my desire to avoid the burdensome task at hand - studying. Will this become another abandoned “journal” that litters the wayside? Hopefully not. I say this every time. Life is frustratingly full of repetitions. Let’s see if I make it back!